so many changes in such a short time. . .

in two weeks or so i will be moving into a beautiful condo in toronto.  yay!–>toronto is one of my favorite cities, and i have missed the urban lifestyle that lets a person go out at 4am for sushi. . . or ethiopian. . . or KFC [just kidding on that one].  it seems like forever, but it’s only been a few years since i owned a house in mississauga and was commuting to waterloo by motorcycle for my pre-meds.  now i no longer own a house, am selling my car to my niece, and will be storing my motorcycle at my sister’s place.  parking is expensive in the big city, dontcha’ know. . .

speaking of big cities, i have a modern-day penpal in beijing, china.  her name is joyce, and she is a lovely 24 year old who is studying english at a language school.  she lives in an apartment with her parents, and tells me it is only a 5 minute or so walk to tiananmen square.  we chat using skype [] about twice a day.  let me assure you that her english is much better than my chinese!  but she is very patient with me when i make mistakes with my tones, or can’t get my tongue in the right position [try saying the number ‘four’ in mandarin–>murder!].  we spend a good portion of our time laughing at each other’s gaffes.  it really is a blast. . . you know. . . in the context of learning a new language. . . that kind of a blast. . .:s

by the way, to whomever gave me this brutal cold–>i hope your goldfish dies!  i have a ton of gigs to play before i move to toronto, and at the moment my throat feels like sandpaper and my ears may explode at any moment from the congestion.  thank goodness for sudafed.

anyhow, i wasn’t planning on really starting this blog until i was settled in toronto, but i am a bit of a keener at times.

xie xie and zaijian,



~ by jcim on April 9, 2009.

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