this explains the new title. . .

so, it occurred to me that no one is ever going to find my blog with a name like O, 加拿大!  rather than enjoy my clever title, with its pretty chinese characters [which means “o, jianada”–>canada], i have decided to use real english words.  not as pretty, but far more practical.  the new title, “tremors and chopsticks,” is designed to reveal a little about me.  the second part, chopsticks, is simple enough; it is evident from my posts thus far that i am a sinophile.  a sinophile is someone who has a particular appreciation for chinese culture [its languages, history, people, etc].  that is one of those things about myself that i am actively trying to explore here in toronto.

the first part is a reference to something that is becoming a bigger part of my life as the years go by.  i have a condition called ‘essential tremor’.  you can read about it here:

my tremor began in my hands at some point while i was a teen [as far as i can recall], but it was only in 2003 [ i think] that i was diagnosed.  the tremor began, and is found primarily, in my hands.  however, in the last few years, it has spread to my head, my jaw, and my tongue.  in the last couple of months i have noticed a new kind of tremor in my fingers that shows itself when my arms are at my side and i try to bring my fingers towards the palms of my hands.  weird. . . things like holding a drink or writing a cheque can be quite difficult at times, especially if i am in public.  stress, lack of sleep, fatigue due to exertion and probably some other things, tend to make the tremor worse.  i take a beta-blocker known as propranolol in order to temporarily suppress the tremors.  it works fairly well for me, but can make my mouth dry.  the photo at the right shows the molecular structure of propranolol.

and there you have it –>tremors and chopsticks — yay!


~ by jcim on September 18, 2010.

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