god is evil incarnate and he doesn’t even know it. . .

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Picking morals from religion is like picking out food from the trash. Sure, you’ll find something edible, and maybe even tasty, but it’ll be tainted with the horrid smell of the rest of the junk. Why not just get your food fresh from nature where it came from in the first place.  –root2squared

god hates people?
iowa republicans are trying to amend their state’s constitution in order to outlaw same-sex marriage.
nice job, jeebus. . .

so many changes in such a short time. . .

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in two weeks or so i will be moving into a beautiful condo in toronto.  yay!–>toronto is one of my favorite cities, and i have missed the urban lifestyle that lets a person go out at 4am for sushi. . . or ethiopian. . . or KFC [just kidding on that one].  it seems like forever, but it’s only been a few years since i owned a house in mississauga and was commuting to waterloo by motorcycle for my pre-meds.  now i no longer own a house, am selling my car to my niece, and will be storing my motorcycle at my sister’s place.  parking is expensive in the big city, dontcha’ know. . .

speaking of big cities, i have a modern-day penpal in beijing, china.  her name is joyce, and she is a lovely 24 year old who is studying english at a language school.  she lives in an apartment with her parents, and tells me it is only a 5 minute or so walk to tiananmen square.  we chat using skype [www.skype.com] about twice a day.  let me assure you that her english is much better than my chinese!  but she is very patient with me when i make mistakes with my tones, or can’t get my tongue in the right position [try saying the number ‘four’ in mandarin–>murder!].  we spend a good portion of our time laughing at each other’s gaffes.  it really is a blast. . . you know. . . in the context of learning a new language. . . that kind of a blast. . .:s

by the way, to whomever gave me this brutal cold–>i hope your goldfish dies!  i have a ton of gigs to play before i move to toronto, and at the moment my throat feels like sandpaper and my ears may explode at any moment from the congestion.  thank goodness for sudafed.

anyhow, i wasn’t planning on really starting this blog until i was settled in toronto, but i am a bit of a keener at times.

xie xie and zaijian,


ni hao!

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